Danya Martin dramaturg

I am a New York-based dramaturg, and a US/UK dual citizen. You could say I was "born into theatre" --- the daughter of a theatre professor, I grew up backstage and in rehearsal rooms. Every three years my family would relocate to London while my father led his department's study abroad program. Along with the students, I experienced every type of theatre imaginable – from Shakespeare at the Globe to Gilbert and Sullivan at the back of a pub. During free weekends we took advantage of our location to trek around Europe, experiencing the sights, sounds—and theatre—of Paris, Amsterdam, Venice...


Is it any wonder that I chose to make my career in theatre? I completed my undergraduate degree at Roger Williams University, where I performed the myriad jobs needed to make a show run smoothly - from stagehand to producer, set builder to sound designer, and everything in between. This all-hands-on-deck, team approach to theatre influenced my relationship to the field, and eventually led me to become a dramaturg. In 2016 I received my MFA from Columbia University.

I firmly believe that we make our best work together, and my greatest pleasure is to see others flourish creatively. I am passionate about collaborating with artists to realize their work’s full creative potential.


As a dramaturg I tailor my contributions to the needs of the artist and the project. I create a safe space for exploration while simultaneously encouraging the artist to reach his or her creative edge. Though I perform dramaturgy in a variety of ways, I have particular experience with new play dramaturgy, assisting playwrights during the writing process; Shakespeare and other classics; and devised, ensemble and director-driven work.